Renewable Clean Energy


Solar power plant projects nowadays are much easier than before and also due to the cost down of those Solar panel cost and solar power plants are much popular than before project amount can be small or big based on all factors.  If to work out with a total solutions provider then how BIG and how much to invest is the ONLY concern, of course, usually LAND it the most important factor has to be available first.  Usually cost from US$100,000 and up to billions.


Wind Power Plant projects required a stable wind farm locations so either inland or offshore wind farms are done by those professional teams anyway.  Of course, project financing and also local and central Government relationship are extremely important.  Project size can be range from US$10 million to billions would be all possible.


Biogas Power Plant projects are more complicated but these projects are still handled mostly by professionals anyway.  It is started from what raw materials have to be arranged available then what kind of technologies are used so it is highly suggested to get projects custom made or tailor made business plans by professionals.  Again, project financing have to be arranged ready upfront and local and central Government relationship are still extremely important as well. Currently projects are structured from US$10 million to US$75 million range with PPA to back up for up to 25 years.