Going IPO in the USA

We can help companies to go public including start-ups since we have a very experienced securities law attorney in the United States. In addition to companies Going public we can arrange a public shell company for attorneys, CPA’s and investment bankers. Not only the US companies can go public we can take foreign companies going public as well.

A public company can be a very valuable tool in many ways. As a public company, you can do a private placement at a discount to the open market price. Under certain circumstances, if you register the offering and follow other guidelines, you can advertise to the general public that you are a public company. You also may be able to trade stock for advertising, employee compensation or to acquire companies and other tangible items.

Our services also include introductions to our vast network of broker dealers, investment funds, stock brokerage firms, investment banking firms and other financial institutions. We also provide investor relations consulting. IR consulting assists with investor awareness as well as consulting on how to create more interest in your company in the Wall Street and investment communities.

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